Cincinnati Reds…A Winning Team With a Long History

The original Cincinnati Red Stockings got their start in 1866 as an amateur club, going on to become the first all professional team in 1869. They were the first team to play on both the West Coast and the East Coast in the same season, and are to date the only team to have a perfect winning season. Unfortunately, the team left Cincinnati in 1970, taking their best players and their name with them. However, some still see this team as the start of the history of the Cincinnati Reds.
In 1876, the second team to be known as the Red Stockings began play as a charter member of the National League, but they were expelled after the 1880 season for rule violations such as renting out the ballpark and serving beer. So it was, after a rocky decade for the city, the Cincinnati Reds that we know today that brought baseball back to the area permanently. The team has to their credit seven West Division titles, two Central Division titles, one AA pennant, nine National League pennants, and five World Series titles.
The home of the Cincinnati Reds is officially known as the Great American Ball Park. Built at a cost of 290 million dollars, the venue opened its doors for the first time in 2003. The stadium is full of monuments and pride for the team’s hometown and the rich history both of the city itself and of the baseball culture that has existed as part of life in the city for so long.
The right center field features two smokestacks that represent the steamboats that were once common along the Ohio River where the stadium sits. There is a gap in the stands between home plate and third base that is known as “The Gap” and gives a view into the ballpark from the street. Panoramas, mosaics and monuments are located throughout the grounds to honor great players and moments throughout the team’s history.
The Cincinnati Reds are not only active on the field, but also out in their community with a variety of activities and initiatives that are designed to improve the lives of those not as fortunate. Although the team does their best to help all those in need, the focus is on the children. Through baseball-minded initiatives, the team not only teaches children a love of the game but also how to stay healthy and physically fit throughout their lives. Educational initiatives are also important, giving kids a hand up and a better chance at a brighter future.
On the field and off, the Cincinnati Reds have used their position as America’s oldest baseball team to provide an experience like no other. Spreading their love of the sport throughout the Greater Cincinnati area, the team has turned baseball into more than just a game. For them, the game is a way of life and a vehicle that is used as everything from entertainment to a way to improve urban living conditions and the outlook for their fans’ and neighbors’ future.

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